Technology Spotlight

Color Preference®

Our patented Color Preference® technology gives you the flexibility to customize the light output in virtually any residential or commercial space—both indoors and outdoors!

Adjust the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of your Color Preference® LED lights with the simple flip of a button! From warm to cool or somewhere in between—create the mood you want while reducing energy and avoiding the recurring costs associated with conventional light sources.

Choose from a wide selection of long-lasting, maintenance-free LED lighting solutions with Color Preference® capabilities.

Flushmounts, Downlights and patented ETi Spin Lights™ offer a versatile range of stylish, functional and easy-to-install fixture options for indoor use—while our durable and attractive outdoor Color Preference® area lights, Flushmounts and Shorebreaker® lights are perfect for illuminating any porch, patio, deck, dock, shed or shop!     

Spin Lights
Area Lights