Vernon Hills, IL – March 19, 2019 – ETi Solid State Lighting donated 24 LED downlights to support the 2018 Hammers ‘N Angels project. The KBPI radio station in Colorado created Hammers ‘N Angels to support their community by annually remodeling a home for a family in need. This past December, a family living in Westminster, Colorado was chosen after Hammers ‘N Angels heard that one of the family members fell off a horse and became paralyzed. This deserving family thought they were vacating their home to have carpeting installed, but Hammers ‘N Angels not only installed new kitchen cabinets, lighting, closets, flooring and new bathrooms, but also enlarged doorways and hallways to make it possible for their family member to move back into the home after living in a nursing home for 6 years.

The ceiling joists at the home were not a standard size so Hammers ‘N Angels needed a unique lighting solution for the basement ceiling. Because there was not enough space in the ceiling to fit a typical downlight, ETi Solid State Lighting donated their Color Preference ® LED Edgelit Downlights to the project, providing lighting in the basement and throughout the home. Edgelit Downlights have a patented Color Preference ® technology which is an added feature that allows customers to change the color temperature of the light from warm white light to daylight settings.

Having only a one-week timeframe to start and complete the project takes the support of the community along with help of the generous vendors that donate their products and services. Paying it forward is the only thing Hammers ‘N Angels asks of the family. ETi Solid State Lighting was privileged to be part of this life changing initiative.