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54656241 – 4′ Industrial Vapor Tight

7% DN Price: $50.45
5% DN Price: $46.82

Model #: 54656241
Part #: VT-4-31-840-MV

Watts: 32.5
Lumens: 3,862
CCT: 4000K
Input Voltage: 120-277V

Model #: 54656241
Part #
: VT-4-31-840-MV

ETi SSL’s 4ft. Industrial Vapor Tight is designed with durable stainless-steel latches to prevent moisture and dirt from compromising the housing and damaging interior wires and components inside the fixture. Vapor Tights are weatherproof and rated IP65 as dust tight and protect against projected water. The Industrial Vapor Tight has suspended or ceiling mount options, included in the package are mounting brackets.

Our Industrial Vapor Tight is DLC listed and delivers 3,862 lumens of extremely uniform ambient 4000K illumination. Installation is quick and easy with direct wiring and plug in options. Fixture is rated to operate reliably from -30o C (-22o F) and in high ambient 45o C (113o F) applications. The 4ft. Industrial Vapor Tight provides long-lasting maintenance free operation thanks to its reported 66.17% lumen maintenance @ 60,000 hours and projected L70 @ 52,000 hours. Ideal residential and commercial applications include, but are not limited to offices, multi-family, hallways and corridors, garages, storage rooms, workshops and more.

Compatible Accessories:
70112201-2  – 25W Round Emergency LED Driver/BBU (GEN 3)
70112202-2  – 25W Square Emergency LED Driver/BBU (GEN 3)

70114402-2  – 40W Square Emergency LED Driver/BBU (GEN 3)
70114401-2  – 40W Round Emergency LED Driver/BBU (GEN 3)



Lumen Output




Input Voltage