Germicidal UV (GUV) technology is proven to deactivate bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the air.

Ultraviolet (UV) is a type of electromagnetic radiation that has been deployed in medical, surgical and public health settings for many years because of its powerful ability to kill bacteria and viruses.  Some UV is visible, but most is not. UV is broken into four subsections, UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, and Vacuum UV.

  • GUV (Germicidal Ultraviolet) is an effective and proven disinfection technology in use for over 35-years
  • The short ultraviolet wavelengths in the photobiological band “UVC” is ideal in eliminating pathogens
  • The UVC range is outside the visible spectrum of “light” that can quickly kill bacteria & inactivates viruses
  • Thanks to its fast germicidal efficacy, GUV within the UVC range is great for air & surface disinfection
  • Germicidal effectiveness is set by the exposure dosage in irradiance & time (how much & how long)
  • Direct exposure to GUV within the UVC range can be a safety & health hazard to both the skin & eyes

ETi integrates UV-C lighting into our products to combat viruses and bacteria while also providing illumination.

UVC wavelengths can break the bonds in the DNA and RNA of viruses and bacteria making them unable to multiply and thereby inactivating them. As the light directly affects the DNA/RNA of the organism, it works on drug resistant strains of viruses and bacteria; this technology has been used in hospitals since the 1940’s. There are three bands of UV lighting; UVC is the safest and most effective germicidal solution.


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