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Experience professional-grade LED lighting accessible to everyone, meticulously designed with your needs in mind. Our innovative luminaires enhance residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, delivering unparalleled performance.

New Full Family Series Downlighting

Commercial and Residental 

New Outdoor Lighting

Collection of eight new outdoor lines

New Releases

The New Look for ETI

We’re excited to introduce our new brand identity, which underscores our dedication to providing cutting-edge lighting solutions.

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Altair & Capella Downlights

Discover our new family lines of commercial and residential downlights consisting of canless wafers, retrofit and gimbals.

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Full Outdoor Offering

Outdoor Lighting Collection: Meticulously crafted to enhance safety, security, and functionality in outdoor spaces.

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CLHB - A New Generation of Essentials

The Compact Linear High Bay optimizes inventory to reduce storage costs by offering 24 configurations in 4 SKUs.

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Indoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Industrial Fixtures

Emergency & Exit 

Emergency Light - Exit Sign Combo with Remote Capability

Tubes & Fixtures

2' Integral Tube - 810 Lumens


Introducing The New ETI

ETI recently unveiled a new brand identity and vision.  The refreshed logo and color palette are a modern update of the original branding, paying homage to its legacy as a leading manufacturer of LED luminaires while embracing the future with a renewed sense of energy and purpose.  

A new brand image can bring brand products closer to consumers.

The new logo consists of three parts, with combined upper and lower elements to form the whole. The elements include graphic identification and textual identification. The new logo drops “Solid State” and changes the letter “i” from lowercase to uppercase to become “ETI Lighting.” The original chip graphic used in the original “i” is the inspiration for the new icon, and the “chip” has been refined to make it easier to recognize and remember.

The color used in the logo has also been changed from the original single green to a combination of dark green and light green.

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Why ETI Lighting?

At ETI, we deliver professional-grade excellence to all, ensuring our premium lighting products are accessible to everyone. That’s why our high-performance, high-quality LED luminaires are deliberately designed with the experience and needs of our customers in mind. We innovate to ensure every light we create improves the residential, commercial, or industrial space it inhabits. We craft products that seamlessly blend into your life. We want to illuminate the moments that matter to you most, because we believe every moment deserves the perfect light. Join us on our journey as we redefine what’s possible and inspire a brighter future.