T8/T5 Linear Replacement Lamps

Ballast Bypass LED Tube Glass – Double End

Type B (ballast bypass) design allows for fast and easy installation. The double-ended power connection works with shunted or non-shunted connectors.

Ballast Bypass LED Tube Glass – Single End Power

Can be installed in minutes into an existing fluorescent fixture. Get the high-lumen output you need while using a fraction of the energy.

Ballast Compatible LED Tubes – Glass

Long-lasting direct replacement tubes made with shatter resistant glass. Can be quickly installed into an existing fluorescent tube fixture.

Integral U-Bent LED Tube

Integral Driver U-Bent Tubes ideal for use in a wide range of applications. Can be easily retro fitted in existing Ubent fluorescent fixtures.

LED Retrofit Kits

Retrofit existing fluorescent tube fixtures with new, significantly more efficient T8/T5 linear replacement lamps.