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ETI’s LED Downlights provide the ultimate solution for your downlighting requirements.

Designed to cater to a myriad of projects, both commercial and residential, encompassing new constructions and retrofits, as well as large-scale environments and compact spaces. From trendy retail establishments to corporate offices to cozy homes and apartments, our fixture families seamlessly integrate into any setting. Efficiency and reliability are ingrained in every ETI model, ensuring top-notch performance.

Additionally, our downlighting collections offer an extensive array of aperture sizes, mounting configurations, and LED color temperatures, complemented by patented contractor-friendly installation features and advanced technology solutions. Backed by state-of-the-art engineering and premium construction, ETI LED Downlights deliver optimal luminaire efficiencies and unparalleled optical performance.

Capella Series

ETI Lighting’s Capella Commercial Downlights offer quality and flexibility for 120-277V commercial applications—with 4 Color Preference®, and 3 Lumen Boost® .

Luminaires have a deep recessed look with soft, diffused light quality for visual comfort and minimized glare.

Altair Canless Series

The Altair Canless Downlights and Gimbal Canless Downlights offer quality and flexibility in residential and commercial applications—with single and multi-volt options available. High-output options are also available for 6-inch luminaires. Gimbal versions also available. The ALCD/ALCG family was designed for retrofit, remodel, or new construction applications.

Luminaires install quickly and directly into a drywall or drop ceiling without the need and expense of a separate recessed downlight housing or secondary junction box.

Altair Retrofit Series

ETI Lighting’s Altair Retrofit Downlights and Retrofit Gimbal Downlights are efficient and versatile—great for retrofit, remodel, or new construction projects. Each downlight comes with a detachable E26 base and can be used in standard sockets or hard-wired.

With a wet location rating, they can be used in indoor environments, such as above showers. The ARDL series has baffle trim, and the ARDG series offers gimbal ring with 350° rotation and 30° tilt for directing light.

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