ETi Continues to Deliver New Product Innovation in the Competitive LED Lighting Market

Chicago, IL, — October 2, 2018 – Today, ETi Solid State Lighting, Inc. (ETi), an innovative leader in the LED lighting industry, announced to customers and the Residential, Commercial, and Industrial lighting markets that their application to patent the Color Preference® technology they have been implementing across a range of new products in their LED lighting assortment was approved and officially issued by the U.S Patent Office under Patent # 10,091,855.

The addition of Color Preference® technology to LED fixtures, downlights, and even LED tubes allows the installer to use an integrated switch to select the preferred color of white light from a range of correlated color temperature (CCT) settings.  Furthermore, these selectable color temperature products allow distributors to be more efficient by providing the CCTs needed by their customers while stocking fewer individual SKUs.

Eva Chan, CEO of Elec-Tech Solid State Lighting (HK) Ltd. and its U.S. subsidiary, ETi Solid State Lighting, Inc., commented, “As a company, we choose to invest in the development of new technology and new product innovation.  We are proud that we’ve been able to develop yet another patented product feature that delivers real benefit in the competitive LED lighting market and that we intend to protect from competitive infringement.”

The company’s proven ability to develop simple, yet impactful product innovations has helped ETi start to build its own very special brand personality.  Whether through the launch of the patented Spin Light™ – which has evolved into an entire product category, or the patent pending linkable designs that allow multiple fixtures to be operated from a single power source, or the now patented use of Color Preference® technology, word is getting around that ETi’s new products improve performance, functionality, and the overall user experience.

When asked about the patent that will change the competitive landscape around CCT technology, Gary Van Winkle, Senior Vice President of ETi Solid State Lighting, Inc., said, “Customers and end users in the residential, commercial and industrial business segments all demand best-in-class products.  With the continued growth and popularity of LED lighting, it is very desirable for customers, installers, and end users to be able to change the color temperature of their lighting, but they want it to be easy.”  Mr. Van Winkle continued, “Our patented invention provides the option to select the CCT in many of our LED products, including downlights, flushmounts, outdoor lighting, wrap lights, and even on our patented Spin Light™ in a very simple way.  I’m just happy to put another one in the win column for ETi!”


About ETi Solid State Lighting, Inc.

ETi Solid State Lighting, Inc. (ETiSSL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Elec-Tech Solid State Lighting (HK) Ltd. (ETi), provides the latest in LED lighting technology for today’s competitive and fast-paced marketplace.  From its North American headquarters in Vernon Hills, IL, ETiSSL offers a growing line of LED lighting products for the residential, commercial, and industrial markets that includes a broad range of LED fixtures from flushmounts to strip lights, high bays, vapor tights, wall packs and more.  Additional information is available at

About Elec-Tech Solid State Lighting (HK) Ltd.

Elec-Tech Solid State Lighting (HK) Ltd. (ETi), a leader in the LED lighting industry, is a supplier to many of the largest lighting retailers and distributors in North America.  ETi is also part of an Asian alliance that supplies LED components, lamps, and luminaires to many of the largest lighting brands in the world.  The company’s scale, attention to quality, ability to bring products to market quickly, and focus on innovation has allowed ETi to emerge as a formidable organization in the LED lighting industry, earning Global Supplier of the Year honors from The Home Depot for the past four consecutive years (2015 – 2018), as well as a Best New Innovation award in 2015 and Department 27L Vendor of the Year in 2016.  ETi holds more than 765 patents and operates three research & development and production bases in China – located in Zhuhai, Wuhu, and Shenzhen, with best-in-class manufacturing capacity to produce 30 million pieces annually.  With Jadestone managed funds holding 100% interest, ETi is well-positioned for continued growth, building on its established manufacturing capabilities, end-user driven product development process, global management team, and robust customer base.

Deborah Holtkamp
Vice President – ETi Solid State Lighting, Inc.