50242162 – 138W EZ Install Integral OC Sensor Linear High Bay, 2′ Size, 0-10V Dimming, DLC Premium

Watts: 138
Lumens: 18,529
CCT: 5000K
Input Voltage: 120-277V
Part #: HBL-2FT-18000LM-80-50K-MV-LVD-OS
Model #: 50242162

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Part #: HBL-2FT-18000LM-80-50K-MV-LVD-OS
Model #: 50242162

ETi SSL’s HBL EZ Install Integral OC Sensor Linear High Bay Series with its shallow low-profile, center driver access design and excellent performance (18,529 lumens @ 134.2 LPW) makes for a great design solution for many new construction or retrofit commercial and industrial applications. Each fixture includes mounting hardware for direct surface mount, chain suspension mount and pendant mount (pendant stem by others) for maximum installation flexibility. Our products are engineered using the latest innovative LED technologies to provide the perfect mix of modern design, performance, world class quality and reliability. All at a superior value to the designer, specifier, contractor and end-user.

The HBL series combines an array of LEDs with a diffuse optical lens system that delivers a universal light distribution optimized for most general open space applications. At the same time, the frosted diffusing lens significantly reduces direct view visual glare, brightness and LED pixelation for superior visual comfort within the space without sacrificing performance. Optional tandem mount bracket allows you to quickly and easily connect two fixtures together to double the lumen output to 37,058 lumens.

ETi’s innovation design teams specially engineered the center driver housing and thermal management to help maximize the total system life of the HBL series of luminaires. An internal microwave OC sensor is included to allow for maximum energy savings, code compliance and can help qualify for maximum energy rebates. Help save time and installation costs vs. field installed external sensors. We take great pride in our world class manufacturing and overall dedication to product reliability and quality that you can depend on. Even in demanding high ambient applications thanks to a standard 50° C (122° F) high ambient temperature rating.

In-stock base HBL with integral OC sensor SKU typically ships in 2-3 days.

Key Product Features:

  • 138W @ 18,529 LM
  • 134 LPW provides 60+% in energy savings vs. HID, T5 & T8 luminaires
  • DLC Premium qualified with controls for maximum energy savings & rebates
  • 80+ CRI standard for true accurate color rendering & visual performance
  • Reported L91/54,000, Projected L70 @ 202,100 hours
  • Includes 28” chain mount, surface & pendant mount bracket = install flexibility
  • Optional tandem mount bracket quickly & easily links two fixtures together
  • Low-profile (2.1”) & lightweight design (6.1lbs) = quick & easy installation
  • Center driver housing for max thermal protection & ease of installation
  • Formed steel housing w/ frosted diffuse lens for reduced glare & visual comfort
  • Standard 50° C (122° F) high ambient temp rating standard
  • EM battery backup options for safety & code compliance (CA Title 20 MAEDBS)

Compatible Accessories:

70114401-2  – 40W Round Emergency LED Driver/BBU (GEN 3)
70114402-2  – 40W Square Emergency LED Driver/BBU (GEN 3)

70203101 – Round BBU Handheld Test Remote
70206101 – OC Sensor Handheld Remote Programmer
95457326101 – Set of (2) 10′ Long Aircraft Cables (Suspension Mount)
95024016102 – Tandem Fixture Mounting Bracket









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