70201102 – External Mount Step Dimming Microwave Occupancy Sensor

5% DN Price: $58.50

Model #: 70201102
Part #: MC054V-RC2-A

Model #: 70201102
Part #
: MC054V-RC2-A

Compatible Models:
Adjustable Beam High Bay: 502501620

100% Occupancy Light Level – ‘High Light Level’ – When ‘Occupancy’ is detected, the fixture will remain or switch on at the set dimming level or ‘High Light Level’.
5 Min Hold Time – ‘Zero Occupancy Time’ – Time required with zero occupancy before dimming to the ‘Low Light Level’ mode or switching to an ‘off state’.
10% Standby Dim Level – ‘Low Light Level’ – After ‘Hold Time’ elapses with zero occupancy detected the fixture will dim to the ‘Low Light Level’ or standby dim level.
5 Min Standby Period – ‘Time to OFF State’ After 5 min ‘Hold Time’ elapses before the fixture will switch to an ‘off state’ with zero occupancy detected. If set to 0 seconds, fixture will switch to an ‘off state’ after ‘Hold Time’ elapses. If set to +∞, the fixture will stay in the ‘Low Light Level’ mode until occupancy is detected.

Factory OC sensor settings can be changed with the compatible remote (ordered separately):
70205101 – OC Sensor Handheld Remote Programmer