70112202-2 – 25W Square Emergency LED Driver/BBU (GEN 3)

7% DN Price: $73.10
5% DN Price: $67.84

Model #: 70112202-2
Part #: EMA25FY-170

Model #: 70112202-2
Part #:

Description: 25W Li-ion Emergency Power LED driver for certain Downlight, flushmount, Twist Fit, Spin light, under cabinet Strip Light, Wrap light, Flat Panel, wall pack, and outdoor flushmount models.

All Battery Back-up units come with maximum cable length and conduit.
ETi does not recommend extending the cable length and is not responsible for any issues if length is extended.

Input Voltage: 100-347VAC
Input Power: 12W Max
Output Current: 100-1050mA
Output Voltage: 170VDC
Output Power: 25W Max
Emergency Power: 25W
Discharge Time: 1.5 hrs
Recharge Time: 24 hrs
Surge Protection: Line-Neutral 2KV
Warranty: 5 Years

Compatible Models:
Ceiling Lights: 54648142
All models except: 53189111
All models except 54614242, 54620313
Linear High Bay: 50240161, 50240261, 50241161
Outdoor Flushmount: All models
Security Lights:
51401142, 51401144, 51402241, 51402242
All models
Spin Lights: All models
Strip Lights: 54263143, 54261143, 54260144
Under Cabinet: All models
Wall Packs: 53305161, 53307361
Wrap Lights: 54655441; 54676241; 54676241-I; 54676341; 54676341-I; 56567241; 56514142; 53603142 

**All BBUs are dedicated for ETi products. Not designed for competitor fixtures, check compatibility before purchasing.