SilentAire Plasma Air Disinfection 12″ Flush Mount

Part #: SAFM-R12-PL-1000LM-9-CP5-MV-D-WH

Model #: 559031110

Our second generation of SilentAire fixtures utilize non-thermal “cold” plasma. SilentAire luminaires use an internal circulation system to push and disperse plasma from our patent-pending plasma generator, filling the space with positive and negative ions that neutralize harmful pathogens, pollutants, and even odors.

ETi’s plasma technology, incorporated right into your lighting, continually and proactively treats the air in occupied spaces at the source of contamination.

The SilentAire flushmounts combine traditional ambient illumination with an internal Plasma Technology generator. An extremely quiet circulation system pulls in ambient air and recirculates back purified air while releasing plasma ions to attract and kill viruses and bacteria on contact. No special installation steps are needed to install and use SilentAire fixtures. Install as a regular luminaire and control the lighting and fan system by wall switch.


Built in SilentAire Plasma Disinfection Technology
Easy Maintenance; Plug and play
Green light indicator shows disinfection is on
Coverage up to 188 sqft at a mounting height of 8ft
99.9% kill rate for airborne viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV-2.*