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The Builders Program Incentive (BPI) is designed for builders and contractors to be able to streamline their costs, get inventory forecasting, and reduce their concerns centered around out of stock or ever-changing price fluctuations.

Our program allows builders to show model homes and design centers upgraded to feature our product lines. Builder and Contractor forecasting ensures an accurate plan for materials needed throughout the year. Additional rebate incentives and perks apply to qualifying partners.

ETi Solid State Lighting’s national sales team provides training and servicing of accounts to ensure engagement throughout a builder’s partnership in our program.

A simplified process for builders and contractors to qualify for:
  • Rebate Incentives
  • Model Home Build Allowances
  • Design Center Build Allowances
  • 30-day Notice for Price Increase
  • 60-day Notice of Discontinuation
Download more information about BPI and see your savings possibilities:
Contact one of our ETi representatives near you to find out more, and how you can join our program!

Caleb Henry
Territory Sales Manager
C: 702.881.8547

John Bobrytzke
Inside Sales Manager
North America
C: 847.243.4799

Andrew Moore
Territory Sales Manager
IN, OH, KY, Lower MI

O: 219.840.3434

Jennifer Mohr
Inside Sales Manager
North America
C: 440.313.7768

Mike Duhon
Territory Sales Manager
C: 409.939.3308

Kyle Webb
Regional VP of Sales
North America
C: 216.339.5296